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Salvan Property Management Adelaide turn Frustrated Landlords into Stress Free Property Investors.

Experience, a hands-on approach to service, regular communication and finding the right tenant to rent are just some of the reasons why frustrated landlords have made the switch to Salvan. Read on to find out why you should too!
Salvan Property Management was born out of the glaring need to treat landlords as property investors. As such maximising a consistent rental income while increasing capital growth is a core focus with Adelaide property managers from Salvan.
Placing the right tenant to the house, townhouse or unit invariably means a happy, long-term relationship between all parties.
This is achieved with Salvan property managers supplying a complete one-stop-shop approach to stress free property management in Adelaide.


With over 25 year’s experience, Natalie Salvati brings a fresh approach to the Adelaide real estate market. Dealing with issues as they arise in a courteous, professional manner is one of the many reasons landlords use Salvan Property Management Adelaide to manage their properties.
Salvan Property Managers Adelaide have the experience and expertise to handle all situations that can and do arise, allowing you to be stress free. Isn’t that the way it really should be?

Hands On Approach To Service

Using Salvan Property Management means the person you deal with at the start is the person you deal with all the way through your investment journey. Too often we see burn out, with staff leaving large real estate companies because of stress.
As a boutique property management business in Adelaide, Salvan staff love what they do and do it well.
To make sure your investment is maximising its potential, Salvan regularly check the area your house or unit is in to make sure your investment is at the right rental price and condition. Nothing is hand-balled out, our hands-all-over approach means when we report to you, it’s first-hand information.

Regular Communication

Communication is paramount between all parties. Respectful communication with tenants resolves many situations before they have a chance to escalate into something more. Concise factual communication with landlords means you’ll always know what’s going on with your investment, leaving you stress free.
Salvan Property Management Adelaide understands that managing tenants as people is managing the investment. Inter-personal skills showing empathy and respect to tenants leads to happy property investors. We handle the late-night emergency situations, so you don’t have to, but you’ll never be out of the loop with what’s happening with your investment.

Finding the Right Tenant

A reliable tenant is reliable income for your investment. A reliable tenant means money in the bank and money saved from damage and legal expenses.
Our excellent track record of matching the right tenant to the right tenancy is a result of all the due diligence Salvan property managers do at the start. No amount of checks can provide a guarantee of 100% occupancy, but Salvan work hard to make it as close as humanly possible.
Apart from National data base checks, Salvan Property Management Adelaide has a data base of tenants ready to take occupation in many areas of Adelaide, that we have vetted carefully, with many known to us as excellent past tenants.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It…
Read What Salvan Property Investors Have to Say

Exceptional Service
Salvan Property Management has been managing our properties for a number of years.
Natalie has always provided exceptional service and I have never had any issues with her.
Natalie is very organised and maintains regular communication with us. We feel very lucky to have Natalie from Salvan Property Management and would highly recommend her to all landlords who want to maximise their income with no stress.
Maria Carapanyiotis, Landlord - Investor
Very Happy
I've been very happy with Salvan Property Management’s work & effort as my property manager.
Natalie has helped me every step of the way including setting up the house, advertising, running inspections, & organising maintenance as required.
I've never had to chase her up as she is very organised.
Natalie is friendly, knowledgeable & experienced in all areas and proactively works with me to get the job done!
Ali Al Raddy, Landlord - Investor
Now Stress Free
Salvan Property Management provides top property management by taking the stress out of being a landlord.
Natalie is very professional and her communication between all parties involved are phenomenal.
You can tell Natalie goes the extra step in providing the best service possible by ensuring she is on top of every aspect of the properties she is managing.
I strongly recommend using Salvan Property Management.
Vasili & Layla, Landlord - Investor

Are you a frustrated landlord that wants to become a stress-free investor?


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