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Salvan Are The Strata Managers Adelaide Landlords Use
To Become Stress Free Property Investors.

Salvan are strata managers Adelaide property investors use for a complete and personalised strata management service, second to none in Adelaide South Australia. Here at Salvan Strata management, we understand you are not just a landlord. You have invested your money in real estate, so as a property investor, you want a return on your investment as well as the capital growth you can expect when you decide to sell.
As Adelaide strata managers, Salvan can handle everything that’s required while maximising your return, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
Unlike many strata management companies in Adelaide, Salvan provides the checks and balances for the body corporate, not delegating responsibility to others.

Complete Strata Management Services are just the beginning though!

Frustrated landlords who have left large real estate companies and other strata managers in Adelaide, now stress free property managers with Salvan have given us a number of reasons for the switch.

  1. High costs with poor service to the corporation. As a property investor herself, Natalie understands in keeping check on outgoings making sure money is well spent.
  2. High turnover of Strata Managers. There’s no burn out at Salvan. You’ll deal with Natalie as your strata manager.
  3. Communication breakdown. Salvan ensures everyone is in the loop without delay, from start to finish using a totally transparent system.
  4. Maintenance process, no follow up. Once maintenance is agreed, Salvan instruct the contractor in person on site and check all work has been completed satisfactorily.
  5. Lack of experience. Often strata managers fall behind because of poor systems. Natalie’s hands on experience and systems means nothing falls through the cracks.

Salvan are proud to see the big picture as well as focusing on every small detail to maximise returns for property investors that are part of a strata development.

Are you a frustrated landlord that wants to become a stress free property investor?


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