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Posted by Natalie on March 17, 2020

Tenants Learn How To Find A Property To Rent.

These days, searching rental properties Adelaide online is how most Adelaide residents find a property to rent.
Salvan Property Management website makes it easy for you to search within areas, suburb, property type, price and more so you can see what properties for rent are available based on your search criteria.

Renting a property is a big decision. You’re deciding where and how you’ll be living for the next 12 months at-least and probably longer, so you should take some time to detail exactly what you’re after. Some criteria you may need to be flexible with, you may need to compromise on the suburb for example if the general area and rental property ticks all other boxes. Some things will however may be a deal breaker, such as requiring the property for rent needs to be pet friendly.
The following check list sets out 10 questions most people searching properties for rent ask in order of importance.

  1. What Side Of Adelaide Do You Wish To Live?

    Most families with children that are moving and looking for a new property to rent generally keep within the same general direction from Adelaide to avoid as much upheaval as possible. Those single, that are studying at University for example look at units within Adelaide CBD or at Eastern suburb properties so they can easily catch public transport. Those working want to live no more than half an hour away by car or public transport, so the area of Adelaide to look within will be dictated by that.

  2. What Metropolitan Suburb Of Adelaide Do You Wish To Live?

    After deciding on the general side of Adelaide, you can now narrow the search to choosing suburbs. Most people have favourites based on their experience or knowledge of what’s nearby such as parks, shops and schools. Often people compromise on the suburb, discovering another suburb has the perfect rental property for them as close to the facilities and amenities they’re after.

  3. What Type Of Rental Property Are You After?

    This question is generally made depending on whether you have children and the type of lifestyle you’d like to live. Houses are becoming harder to find, especially for larger families looking at 4 bedrooms and large backyards for children to play, while there are typically quite a few 2 bedroom units in complexes available to rent.
    Town houses and units for rent are popular for small families looking at cheaper properties to rent and for busy single or couple professionals looking at being close to work, study or those wanting to take advantage of a low maintenance lifestyle.

  4. Are You Looking For A Pet Friendly Rental Property?

    The number of people looking for pet friendly rental properties is on the increase and fortunately the number of landlords allowing their investment to have dogs and cats is also increasing, but unfortunately not as fast. If you do require a rental property that is pet friendly, reading the article Find & Secure Pet Friendly Rentals on our website will help you put your best foot forward.

  5. How Many Bedrooms Do You Require?

    The size of the rental property and how many living rooms it has often comes second to the number of bedrooms. Often this is not an area where compromise is possible, you need what you need.

  6. What Is Your Price Range Per Week?

    The amount of rent you are required to pay is an important criteria for many, especially those looking at cheaper rental properties.
    We always recommend, you don’t stretch yourself beyond your means and have a buffer of savings or surplus income to cover not only the rental payments but living expenses such as utility bills, food and clothing, plus the ability to enjoy yourself and family with regular outings and activities.

    When considering an application to rent, Salvan Property Managers look carefully at the applicants ability to pay the rent on time.

  7. Is There Air Conditioning?

    For many people with children, whether the rental property has air-conditioning or not is a deal breaker. Some put more importance on being able to keep cool during Adelaide’s hot Summer weather than they do on keeping warm during Winter. Fan heaters and the like are quite cheap these days and becoming cheaper to run, so as long as there’s cooling at least, most people are happy to compromise a little.

  8. Is There A Secure Back Garden?

    With young children, or dogs, whether the rental property has a secure backyard to play or just to relax in could also be a deal breaker.

  9. How Many Car park Spaces Are Available?

    We’re all driving these days, so often 2 or more off street car parks are sought. Often too we desire covered protection in the form of carports if not garages to keep or car securely protected at night. Then there could be other members of a growing family with cars plus visitors, so you need to decide just how many off-street car parks you need and the number you’re prepared to compromise with.

  10. Can I Walk To Shops?

    There’s a lot to be said for being able to walk to the shops for just a few items when the need arises, whether it’s a small deli, convenience store at a petrol station or larger shopping centre, it’s something a great many people consider when looking for a property to rent.

Once you’ve found one of the properties for rent that’s available and suits all your criteria, you’ll need to make an application.
Salvan Property Management Adelaide makes applying easy with a simple online tenancy application form.
A word of advice, make sure you complete everything and forward everything required through. Incomplete applications get placed on the bottom of the pile of applicants to be considered.
Do you want to miss out because you rushed through the application without reading what’s required or weren’t properly prepared?

If this is the first time you will be renting, we suggest you read the article Tenant Responsibilities When Renting Properties on our website, so you understand what you are responsible for while living in or leaving a rental property.

Natalie Salvati (Principal of Salvan Property Management) is a registered Real Estate Agent (RLA 276287) and as a property manager, has over 25 years experience looking after rental properties in Adelaide.

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