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Posted by Natalie on May 26, 2020

Top 5 Tips For Selling Your Rental Property In Adelaide, SA.

So you’ve been renting out an investment property and have now decided you’d like to sell it. Salvan Property Management can help you with that!
When looking after a rental property for landlords at Salvan, one of the key objectives as property managers is to make sure your investment is looked after by tenants. Salvan regularly inspect the house or unit to make sure no damage has gone un-reported.

When setting how much rent to ask for, your property manager looks at the real estate market and specifically what other homes in the area are being rented out for. All properties are different, a price comparison takes into account features above and below another property.

A similar process is adopted by Salvan Real Estate Agents when looking at what the current market value is when you want to sell the investment property. The following 5 tips will help you get the best price when selling your rental property.

As your existing Property Manager, Salvan is well placed to handle the sale of your house or unit too.
As licensed real estate agents, our unique knowledge of the house or unit and the area helps us advise what price range you should be looking at, based on its current condition.

What Is The Market Price For Your House Or Unit?

Having a look at comparable properties, living size, number of bedrooms, land size etc. around the area is a good place to start. It will also give you an idea of the condition and how modern your property is compared to what is for sale and what comparable properties are actually selling for.

Prepare Your House/Unit For Sale

We discussed last year the steps for preparing your property to rent for maximum return. Depending on the age of your dwelling, there will most probably be a need to refresh, update or renovate the house or unit before you list it for sale now that you have an idea of what you can expect to get once sold.
Fresh paint, update floor coverings or renovating the kitchen and bathrooms are areas to look at. Some work you may be tempted to do yourself, but a word of caution, do you really have the skill required to make the work you do look professional? Many a property fails to get the asking price because it’s full of DIY home improvements that prospective buyers can clearly see have been done by a novice handyman.

Work out a budget, get quotes and benefit in the long run by having trade professionals do the work for you.

Photography & Listing

A picture says a thousand words is true when people are looking online at your listing. Remember, people will be looking at the photos and the price, so it’s critical to have professional photos taken that showcase your properties features in their best light.
Likewise the description should make the house or unit so inviting, prospective buyers will picture themselves living there, before they’ve even been to an open inspection.


When looking at selling your rental property, you need to accept we also live online! It’s where people will be going to find properties for sale across Adelaide’s suburbs. Salvan Real Estate Agents will make sure your listing is found! Salvan can also produce flyers for potential buyers to take away with them after the open inspection.


Having photos taken with good quality and appropriate furniture in the property and having furniture, prints on the walls, fruit bowls etc. inside the property for open inspections will help people see how great your property feels. First impressions, just like seeing the photos does count for a lot. Remember the people renting your property may not have the best quality furniture or decor that can showcase the house or unit to its full potential.

In Summary

Salvan Real Estate Agency are uniquely positioned to get you the best price when selling your investment. Salvan’s real estate agents will be only too happy to advise and assist you selling your rental property.

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