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Local Property Managers Aberfoyle Park – Salvan Property Management.

Local Real Estate Agents to Aberfoyle Park from Salvan provide a hands-on approach to managing rental properties, taking you from ‘Landlord’ to stress-free ‘Property Investor’.

If you’ve purchased a unit or house as an investment with the intent to rent it out for a period of time, you have probably discussed this with your accountant or financial advisor. You have sought professional advice regarding the financial aspects of the transaction and know what the repayments on the investment mortgage will be.
This is for many where seeking a professional ends, until the reality of what’s involved in managing the day-to-day aspects of having a tenant sets in.

Why Use Local Aberfoyle Park Property Managers?

There are a number of reasons why it’s advantageous to hire a local real estate professional instead of managing the day-to-day affairs yourself.
Primarily, you’ll save time, money and have no stress associated with everything that’s required to have a suitable person/couple, or family occupy the premises and pay rent.

The number of local amenities close to Aberfoyle Park is endless, whether you’re after shops, sporting clubs or recreational parks to get out with the family, or perhaps your dog of an evening or weekend.

Flagstaff Hill Hub | Property Managers Aberfoyle Park | Real Estate Agents
Local to Aberfoyle Park – The Flagstaff Hill Sports Hub

Happy Valley Recreation | Property Managers | Real Estate Agents Aberfoyle Park
Happy Valley Recreation Park

Property Managers Aberfoyle Park landlords look for should manage every aspect of the tenant’s interaction with the dwelling on their behalf.
Take a look at the top 5 aspects real estate professionals from Salvan undertake when engaged to look after your ‘bricks and mortar’ investment.

  1. Set the Rent
    Naturally, you want to receive a return on your investment. Setting the amount of rent should be something you discuss with a property manager, who, with local knowledge and experience can advise you what you should ask for, given the neighbourhood and the features/condition of your unit or house.
    Salvan Property Management Principal, Natalie Salvati has over 25 years’ experience managing properties all over the southern suburbs of Adelaide, so can help you set the amount of rent you’ll be able to receive with comparable dwellings rented across Aberfoyle Park used as a guide.

    Sometimes, Natalie may suggest some maintenance be undertaken on the premises before letting out to maximise the return on your investment.
    This may involve the painting of rooms or exterior woodwork, adding window treatments and updating floor coverings, or set up low or no maintenance gardens.
    Not only can these improvements increase the rental yield, they can also add to the capital value of the house or unit which is advantageous when you eventually want to sell.

  2. Find Suitable Tenants
    Salvan property managers can help you find, vet, and secure suitable tenants looking at Aberfoyle Park rental properties for you. Matching the best people to a property is important for longevity and reduces the time the house or unit is unoccupied too.
    Having access to tenancy database ‘TICA’, Natalie can view the rental history of prospective tenants, which with experience and sound processes, will result in a short-list of suitable candidates to discuss with you, including a recommendation with reasons.

    Prior to occupation an ‘Ingoing Report’ is prepared detailing with photographs the condition of the dwelling. Tenancy agreements are formalised along with collection of the bond and first rental payments.

  3. Regular inspections
    Once the tenant/s have moved in, your dedicated property manager will inspect the property every 3 months to ensure it’s being looked after. You will receive a detailed report including photos with notes of any repair work that might need to be tended to short to medium term.

  4. Repairs and maintenance
    It’s inevitable that throughout the course of a standard tenancy there will be repair requests. These requests could be small, such as fixing a running toilet, or they may be serious, urgent issues like a burst hot water system flooding your property. Either way, outsourcing the management to Salvan means that whenever an issue occurs, you won’t have to worry. Your dedicated property manager will take care of inspecting the damage and coordinating the repairs, all while keeping you informed.

    If the tenant does vacate, an ‘Outgoing Report’ is prepared, and compared with the details gained from when the tenants first moved into ascertain if all of the bond collected will be returned.

  5. Legal compliance
    Natalie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to tenancy law, which enables her to mediate any issues between yourself and the tenant if they arise. By using the property managers Aberfoyle Park landlords can rely on, laws and legislations are always adhered to, protecting your interests.

Salvan’s ability to work closely on-behalf of landlords with tenants is one of the benefits you won’t receive by using large real estate agencies, who have to treat you like a number to maximise their profitability.

Real Estate Agents Aberfoyle Park

A real estate agent is a professional who helps their client buy, sell, or rent properties. They can assist clients in finding suitable properties that meet their needs and negotiate with buyers and/or sellers to finalise the property purchase.
As a licensed real estate agent, Natalie is most often asked to facilitate the sale of the investment property that’s been managed by Salvan over the years, working effectively with the tenants if they’re still living in the house or unit.

While both real-estate agents and property-managers play essential roles within the real estate industry, they are involved in different niches.
Real estate agents Aberfoyle Park homeowners use focus on buying and selling house and units, while property managers are solely focused on managing your rental property and are dedicated to growing your ‘bricks and mortar’ capital investment until you’re ready to sell it.

Property Managers Aberfoyle Park

Finding the right tenant for your property is crucial to ensure a smooth and profitable tenancy. Establishing the target market will determine the demographic of tenant you want to attract based on the type of property you have.
As an example, for 3 bedroom Aberfoyle Park houses for rent close to schools, you may want to target families with young children. However, 2 bedroom Aberfoyle Park units for rent close to large businesses or services, may mean you look at professional couples instead.

Aberfoyle Park tenants can enjoy the many benefits of living within Adelaide’s southern suburbs including the many parks, world class medical care, beaches and wineries.

Walking Trails Happy Valley Reservoir | Property Managers Aberfoyle Park | Real Estate Agents
Walking Trails Happy Valley Reservoir

Flinders Medical Centre | Property Managers | Real Estate Agents Aberfoyle Park
World Class Flinders Medical Centre

Hallet Cove Park | Property Managers Aberfoyle Park | Real Estate Agents
Enjoy Hallet Cove Park

Clarendon Winery | Property Managers | Real Estate Agents Aberfoyle Park
Enjoy A Glass At Clarendon Winery

All managed Aberfoyle Park properties for rent are listed on Salvan Property Management’s website with images and details about the house or unit. Applicants, those people searching ‘rental properties Aberfoyle Park‘ can apply by first completing an online ‘Tenancy Application‘ form.

Thorough background checks on prospective tenants are conducted to ensure they have a good rental history and can afford the rent. Those applicants that make the short-list are further checked with references from previous landlords and employers.
Knowing all the details allows for an informed, un-biased decision to be made.

Unlike a large real estate agency, Salvan Property Management is a boutique property management business dedicated to service with a personal touch, offering a more personalised service and will be more invested in your financial outcome as a property investor.
The ‘churn and burn’ of property managers employed by most real estate companies is frequent and one of the main reasons people come across to Salvan with Natalie Salvati as your dedicated property manager.

With less overheads to cover, property owners pay less in fees and with an increased level of personal service, the historical experiences and results speak volumes.

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